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ENSOTECH - ZMV23500KV - Moteur Swave-ZM V2  3500KV Sensored
ENSOTECH - ZMV23500KV - Moteur Swave-ZM V2  3500KV Sensored

ENSOTECH - ZMV23500KV - Moteur Swave-ZM V2 3500KV Sensored

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Présentation du produit

Présentation du produit

Description du produit

Ensotech sets the bar even higher for 1 / 28th scale sensored motors. 

The new Swave ZM-V2 motor brings a new level of “balance” in terms of a more centered rotational mass, reduces torque steer to maintain the wanted racing line, resulting in unequaled precision.

To achieve an optimized balance and centering of the rotational masses, the following improvements have been made:

* Unique "weight balanced" by Ensotech accommodated in the motor structure
* New motor end bell design
* the elongated motor axis (allows, also, to occupy more pinion surface so that the power goes better to the wheels)

Improved performance between the neutral point and the initial rotational point of the rotor, with a reduced latency time = better acceleration and reaction.


Motor Type: 3 Phases, Slotless, Brushless
Poles: 2P
Motor Can OD: 15 mm
Motor Can Length: 25 mm (exclude sensor socket)
Motor Can Length: 27.20 mm (include sensor socket)
Motor Shaft OD: 1.97mm
Motor Shaft Length: 8.50 mm
Motor Shaft Flat Spot: YES
Power Cable: 3pcs x 100mm pre-soldered blue color soft cable
Weight: 19g include motor wire

1 x Ensotech Swave-ZM V2 3500KV motor

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