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06 - GL Racing
GL RACING - GLA-V2.1-98MM-RTR-5250 - Châssis GLA V2 1/27 4WD pré-monté

GL RACING - GLA-V2.1-98MM-RTR-5250 - Châssis GLA V2 1/27 4WD pré-monté

Gla V2 pré-monté parfaite pour les débutants.
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Présentation du produit

Présentation du produit

Description du produit


What’s in the box

 1. An out of the box 98mm GLA
 2. ESC GSC V1.2 (GLA)
 3. GL HT Brushless Motor (5250KV)
 4. Sanwa micro receiver (optional and to be sold separately)

 1. GLA-V2.1 chassis
 2. Semi-Alloy Case Hi Speed Servo (Metal Gear)
 3. Aluminum 7075 parts include:
      o Front and Rear Universal shafts
      o Newly designed motor mount to let adjustment more easy and precise.
      o Central drive shaft
      o Alu.7075 Servo Mount For GLA V2
 4. Front and rear plastic shock towers.
 5. Front and Rear GL designed high quality Ball diffs
 6. Full Ball Bearings
      o 6x10x2.5mm - 4 pieces
      o 3x6x2mm - 12 pieces
      o 4x7x2.5mm - 1 piece
      o 2x5x2.5mm - 1 piece


Product description

We received a lot of enquiries for a GL assembly GLA.
 Despite we thought that professional players would have his own GLA built,
 there could have some players want to have this service.

 We decided to offer this RTR Edition on a very limited basis.
 You only need to put in your own choice of receiver and battery will do.
 If you order Sanwa Micro Receiver (GX-031) from us, we can help to install it thereon.

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