GL RACING – GLA-8001-OP – Axes de piston d’amortisseur en aluminium bleu ajustable


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Metal Piston Rod For GLA Screw Adjustable Shock

With the success and well received by racers for our GLR Metal Piston Rod for Side Damper, GL applied the same design into our GLA’s damping shock:

1. It is made by highly polished aluminum to enhance the smoothness of damper and durability.

2. There are 2 pits on the rod to help holding damping grease.

3. Two plastic bands can be put on the front/back end of the rod  to prevent dust from going into the shock.

4. Tested by our professional racers with positive comment on improving the stability of the car.

5. It is an option part for our GLA Screw Adjustable Shock (GLA-8001).


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