GL RACING – GMM-001-5250 – Moteur VE brushless 5250KV



GL High-Torque Brushless Motor (5250KV)

  • Motor developed with GLA in mind, enough power for experienced users
  • More power – a little more powerful than PN5500, but less than PN7500
  • Easier to control – with a more linear power band making your car easier to control.
  • Longer run time – it also boast higher electrical efficiency than motors of the same class
  • Powerful til the end – Power level stays more consistent towards the end of each run, but this does mean that motor feels hotter at the end of run, because it stayed at high power levels until the very end.
  • Taller gear ratios – recommended GLA gear ratio from 5.4 to 6.1 depending on your driving style and track layout
  • TIP: Wiring is reverse to PN, so if you are swapping out a PN, swap any 2 of the 3 motor wires

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