GL RACING – XGMM-001-SD5000KV – Brushless sensored motor (5000KV) pour GLA


We received a lot of players enquiries whether they can use Xpower sensored brushless motor onto GLA. 
Xpower is the first producer to apply sensored technology into mini RC since the launch of their IDT.  We would say Xpower got the most matured technology on ESC and motor of this size. Currently, GL is also using Xpower ESC for their sensored brushless motor.
GL sensored brushless motor is using the Miniz motor configuration in size. Whereas Xpower one was designed to optimize the efficiency in term of size and KV value.
Xpower sensored brushless motor can be installed onto GLA by using an optional motor mount.
Comparing with GL 5250 KV sensored brushless motor, Xpower one offers you higher torque and lower running temperature. It also lighter than GL one by 2g and shorter than GL one by 3.2mm (despite its diameter is slightly larger than GL one by 3mm).
Now we offer on a very limited basis  for those who purchase this Xpower  motor, the optional motor mount for GLA will be given for “FREE”.  
Please be reminded that this Xpower motor can only be installed onto GLA (not GLR). For GLR, we suggest you to use GL motor. Its torque is more than adequate for a RWD car.
Recommended gear ratio for this Xpower motor on GLA is 5 to 6.
You can able to achieve a lower gear ratio by changing the ball diff gear (to 27T or 26T from stock 28T) which is to be sold separately.

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