HOBBYWING – 30504003 – Tunalyzer Motortester


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The next-generation tool for motor testing and tuning
curate testing results
Consistent and reliable
  • 8different auto-test parameters
  • 4different manual test parameters
Automatic Test Mode
The Tunalyzer allows you to run auto-testing
modes to provide quick and easy tests.
  • Accurate current readings – within0.01A
  • Accuracy of end-bell deviation,rotor asymmetry and hall
    signal deviation is within 0.1 degrees.
    Accuracy is achieved by gathering more information and providing more data
    for the Tunalyzer to review.
Stable Voltage Regulator
The Tunalyzer has an internal voltage regulator to allow repeated tests at the same voltage as the battery pack discharges. This allows testing to be done on several motors for direct comparisons.
Tunalyzer has “Preset” voltages for this feature that must be used and the battery must be greater than the set voltage.
Manual Test Mode
The Tunalyzer can be used as a manual tester for simple benchtop checks. Forward and reverse with 100% linear throttle. The live output of the data is displayed as well.

Multi-Function Control Dial

The dial on the face of the Tunalyzer is used for
throttle control as well as external testing.
PWM output is offered for use to test Servos and ESCs on the bench.
RPM Displayed in Real Time
The Tunalyzer provides a motor pole setting from 2-60 pole motors.
This allows for an accurate and precise display of motor RPM in real-time.
3inch Color Touch Screen Display
Ultra crisp and clear full-color touch display
allow for an extremely quick and
easy-to-learn interface.
Easy to read and use.
OTA Tuning and Upgrades
The Tunalyzer can double as your ESC programmer device
for simple benchtop ESC tuning.
With the HW Link App,
your favorite smart device can be used to
connect via Bluetooth to the Tunalyzer.
Multiple motor
types supported
Sensorless and Sensor motors can be tested.
Virtually any pole count or style of a brushless
motor can be tested with the Tunalyzer.
  • Multipolar sensored motors
  • Multipolar sensorless motors
Sensorless motor characteristics may differ from sensored motor results. The test data is only available in specific item. See the instruction manual for details.
Built-in Reverse Power Supply Protection Circuit,